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The Federation Biographical Nursing Project

Contributing to the Encyclopaedia of Australian Science
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Thank you to the sponsors of the biographical entries completed by the ANMHP.


The ANMHP's National Federation Biographical Nursing Project began in May 2001 to recognise the contribution of nurses and nursing in the development of Australian science, medicine and health care. Through the sponsorship of individuals and organisations, several biographies of nurses and midwives have been added to the Encyclopaedia of Australian Science database (EOAS).

The EAOS is a community resource and a research tool, receiving around around 500,000 hits per week from an estimated 20,000 individuals, mostly secondary school students. The EAOS features information about individuals, organisations, societies, institutions, and industries. The database also lists the sources of data about each entry: published, archival, and material available online.

With support from nursing organisations, past trainee associations, nurses' boards and private individuals, the ANMHP has increased the number of nurses whose biographies feature on the EAOS. It has also contributed information about nursing organisations and collections.

NurseSponsor of this biography

Judy Parker

School of Nursing, The University of Melbourne

Lucy Osburn

The Sydney Hospital Hospital Graduate Nurses Association

Mavis Avery

Tim and Peter Avery

Betty Jeffrey

Alfred Hospital Nurses League

Annie Sage

Pat Slater

Royal College of Nursing, Australia

Royal College of Nursing, Australia

Joan Penridge

Joan Godfrey

Faith Thomas

QLD University of Technology

QLD University of Technology

Joan Durdin

Olive Anstey

Muriel Knox Doherty

Agnes Lions

Georgina McCready

Margaret Guy

The College of Nursing (incorporating the CoN NSW)

The College of Nursing (incorporating the CoN NSW)

The College of Nursing (incorporating the CoN NSW)

The College of Nursing (incorporating the CoN NSW)

The College of Nursing (incorporating the CoN NSW)

Sylvia Curley

Merle Parkes

Gwen Burbidge

ACT Nursing and Midwifery Board

School of Nursing and Midwifery Curtin University

Richard Burbidge

Dora Bailey

Nurses Board of Western Australia

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